Privacy Statement

We hereby inform you about our processing of your personal data and the data protection claims and rights you are entitled to.

This Privacy Notice sets out how we may use, process and store your personal information. We may get that information from you or our partners, through contracts or other legal arrangements you have with us, or our partners on behalf of us, in order to deliver contractual/legal obligations. In other cases, we will get that information from you with your permission and consent, or we may receive your personal information from third parties who you have given consent to pass this information on to us.

The content and scope of the data processing depend on the reasons why we collect your Personal Data.

This Privacy Notice applies as of 25 May 2018. 


Data Processor

The entity responsible for data processing is:

MH Music Holiday GmbH


Rosentaler Straße 189

9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee





Applicable laws and Regulations

The laws that govern personal data in the Republic of Austria are:

  • Federal Act concerning the Protection of Personal Data (DSG 2000) as amended by: Federal Law Gazette I No. 120/2017
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (“GDPR”).

The independent authority that upholds information rights in the public interest in the Republic of Austria is the Austrian Data Protection Authority (Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde). Further information can be found at


Information we may collect from you

MH Music Holiday GmbH may collect information from you because we have a legal reason to do so (under contract), or because you have consented for us to do so for a specific purpose.

MH SHOP user can visit the site without depositing personal data. Every access to our website and every download of any file saved on our website is recorded. This information is recorded for internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following are recorded: the name of the downloaded file, data and time of the download, transferred data quantity, notification of successful download, web browser and requesting domain.

The usage of all MH SHOP functionalities is only possible, however, following user registration. To do this, the user must enter his name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. MH Music Holiday GmbH processes the user's personal data in observance with the data protection provisions applicable to the contract.

We process the personal data that we receive from you as part of business relationship. Personal data is only registered if this is voluntary information, for instance within the frame of an inquiry or registration or in the service section.

We may also process data that we receive from our business partners with whom you had business relationship in the past and who transferred their data, collected under contract or because you have consented for them to do so for a specific purpose, to us for the purpose of continuing the business relationship. 

Personal data includes your personal details (e.g. name, postal address, E-Mail address or telephone number, where necessary, also usage data such as your IP address). In addition, this may include order data (e.g. payment orders), data from the fulfilment of your contractual obligation (e.g. turnover data in payment transactions), advertising and sales data, information from your electronic communication with us (e.g. cookies, etc.), processing results generated by us as well as data for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We also work with third parties (including, for example, sub-contractors in technical, payment and delivery services,) and may receive information about you from them as part of the service, or for legal reasons.


Why do we collect Personal Data

MH Music Holiday GmbH collects information for the some or all of following reasons:

•for the fulfilment of contractual obligations 

The processing of personal data is carried out for the execution of our contracts and all activities required for the operation and management of our contracts. The specific details for the purpose of data processing can be found in the respective contract documents and terms and conditions.

•within the scope of your consent 

If you have granted us consent to process your personal data, processing will only take place in accordance with the purposes set out in the declaration of consent and to the extent agreed therein. Any consent given may be revoked at any time with future effect.


What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data

MH Music Holiday GmbH may process your information because:

•we have a contract with you,

•you have given us permission to do so,

•to comply with the law,

•to protect our legitimate interest.

All of these reasons are reasons MH Music Holiday GmbH may legally process the information we have about you.


Who might we share your data with

MH Music Holiday GmbH may share your personal information with third parties, either because you have consented to allow us to do so or for legal reasons. For example, we may share your personal information with:

•service providers, agents, subcontractors and third parties for the purpose of the performance of a contract that that we hold with you,

•public authorities and institutions,

•with third parties because you have given consent.

We discloser only the personal data that is necessary for the third party to deliver the service or to fulfil our legal obligations. All of the above third parties are either contractually obliged to keep your data confidential and to process it only in the context of service provision without using it for their own purposes, or are obliged to do so according to the law. It is possible that third parties may themselves engage others to process your data. Where this is the case third parties will be required to have contractual arrangements with their subcontractors that ensure your information is kept secure and not used for their own purposes.

Links to the sites of other providers may be found within the MH SHOP offer. As MH Music Holiday GmbH has no influence over these websites, the user is recommended to obtain the information provided there, where applicable, pertaining to data protection. MH Music Holiday GmbH assumes no liability for the content of linked contents.

Our employees and external advisers are obliged by a particular obligation of confidentiality. 


Where we store your personal data

We primarily store and process your personal data in the EU/European Economic Area (“EEA”). If we do transfer your personal data outside the EEA it will be because you have consented or because we have a legal reason to do so.

Some examples of reasons your data may be processed outside of the EEA include:

•payment processing

•technical support services

•delivery services


How we protect your personal data

We have implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security in order to protect personal data from loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration or destruction. Your personal data is encoded by digital security systems and transmitted to us. However, please note that if you are transmitting information to us over the internet this can never be guaranteed to be 100 % secure. 

We will notify you promptly in the event of any breach of your personal data which might expose you to serious risk.


How long will we keep your personal data

MH Music Holiday GmbH will not retain your personal information for longer than required.

We will keep your personal information:

•for as long as required by law

•until we no longer have a valid reason for keeping it

•until you request us to stop using it.

We may keep just enough of your personal information to ensure that we comply with your requests not use your personal information or comply with your right to erasure. For example, we must keep your request to be erased even if it includes your personal data until such time as you are no longer our customer.

If you have questions about our Data Retention Policy please contact us at:


Your rights

MH Music Holiday GmbH will respect your legal rights to your data. Below are the rights that you have under law, and what MH Music Holiday GmbH does to protect those rights:

The right to be informed

We are publishing this Privacy Notice to keep you informed as to what we do with your personal information. We strive to be transparent in all regards including about how we use your data.

The right to access

You have the right to access your information. Please contact us at if you wish to access the personal information MH Music Holiday GmbH holds about you.

The right to rectification

If the information MH Music Holiday GmbH holds about you is inaccurate or not complete, you have the right to ask us to rectify it. If that data has been passed to a third party with your consent or for legal reasons, then we must also ask them to rectify the data. Please contact us if you need us to rectify your information at

The right to erasure

This is sometimes called ‘the right to be forgotten’. If you want MH Music Holiday GmbH to erase all your personal data and we do not have a legal reason to continue to process and hold it, please contact us at

The right to restrict processing

You have the right to ask MH Music Holiday GmbH to restrict how we process your data. This means that we are permitted to store the data but not further process it. We will keep just enough data to make sure we respect your request in the future. If you want us to restrict processing of your data, please contact us at

The right to data portability MH Music Holiday GmbH must allow you to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across services in a safe and secure way without this effecting the usability of your data. Please contact us if you want information how to port your data elsewhere at: This right only applies to personal data that you have provided to us as the Data Controller. The data must be held by us by consent or for the performance of a contract.

The right to objectYou have the right to object to processing  of your data even if it is based on our legitimate interests, the exercise of official authority, direct marketing (including data aggregation), and processing for the purposeless of statistics. If you wish to object please contact us at

The right to withdraw consentIf you have given us your consent to process your data but change your mind later, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, and MH Music Holiday GmbH must stop processing your data. If you want to withdraw your consent, please contact us at

The right to complain to a Supervisory AuthorityYou have the right to complain to the Austrian Data Protection Authority if you feel that MH Music Holiday GmbH has not responded to your requests to solve a problem. You can find their contact details here:



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Underage customers

MH Music Holiday GmbH advises parents and legal guardians to make a special effort in teaching their children a careful and responsible handling of personal data according to the law. 

Children may consent to data processing in the course of information society services starting with 14 years.